Transport Fever 2 - SNCF 241P

Transport Fever 2 Mods

These huge 4-8-2s were built by the SNCF in the late 1940s to handle the heavy post-war traffic. These were some of the largest steam locomotives to operate on continental Europe, and some of the last to operate in France, being withdrawn in the 1970s. A total of 35 were built between ’48 and ’52, and withdrawal began in ’73.

Stats: (Wikipedia as source for stats.)
Speed: 120kmh (75mph)
Power: 3000Kw (4000hp)
T/E: 202.66kN (45,560lb/f)
Available: 1948 – 1972

Lights currently do not work, still figuring that one out
Tender mesh may need touching up, but I think I have just been staring at it too long
To improve performance, the double chimney only has one particle emitter.
Some wheels have a texture artefact where the black centres look green for some reason.
Textures are probably going to be updated at some point, maybe.


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