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Ever searched for a fast diesel locomotive that can run on your highspeed lines without disrupting traffic too much?
The same thought had the american passenger rail operators, so here I can present you the Siemens Charger. This mod contains the SC-44, the standard version of the Charger, for regional and inter-city trains. Other versions are the SCB-40, used on Brightline trains in Florida, and the ALC-42 for long distance trains that is currently under development. They may follow later but please do not expect them soon.

The pack includes nearly all liveries currently used on the Charger, including some operators that are usually not covered by modders: (good luck finding fitting coaches)

Pacific Surfliner
Amtrak Midwest
Siemens test train livery
Every version is available as reversed one, too.


Available 2016/2017/2020 until forever
Top speed = 125mph (200km/h)
4400HP (3300kW)
Tractive effort 290N/m

This mod uses model citizen couplers, so thanks to you!

Please note that this is my first mod, so there are a lot of things I would do different next time.
First thing are the ugly, messed up textures. They may recieve an update if I have the time and motivation. I don’t like them at all, too, but this will be a lot of work.
– The Body got fixed now, the rear still needs a bit of polishing and the cab remains untouched, but its certainlky a lot better.


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