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Santana was introduced from Germany in 1983. Over the past decades, its amazing market performance makes it worthy of the reputation of one of the most classic cars in China. The success of Santana makes Shanghai Volkswagen one of the most famous automobile brands in China.

What’s in?
-7 SANTANA taxi in different color. These taxi cars are not buses, which means they will appear in your cities automatically.
Lifespan….: –
Power…….:70 kw
Top Speed:162 kph
Weight……:1.41 t
Year from..:1990

Known issues?
They are not Buses! Until the game allows players to customize the rates I will not make a bus version.
Just try and confirm you can use this safely then you can use it in your important savegames. This can make it safer though I’ve already tested them and nothing ever happened.

PS: If you like it, you should like it and collect it for three consecutive times


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