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U may have faced with such situation: u want to build new expressways for your city to mitigate congestion, and one of the best ways is to build an elevated road. But there is issue….which cannot be avoided. The problem is space, is the complex urban road network.
Now u have this mod, including no-pillar bridges and pillars which need you to plop them yourself everywhere u want, and waypoint signs for elevated roads. Besides, this mod provides u new streets for elevated rd and your elevated roads now have lights on the right side.

What’s included?

5 New streets. 2 of them’r for elevated roads, with lights on the right side. The rest of them’r for roads under elevated roads like u can see in my pics.
10 new bridges. 6 of them’re type-1 and 3 of them’re type-2. The rest one is for expressway on ground to cross rivers.
12 new waypoints. They are all traffic signs.

Known Issues?

Just try and confirm you can use this safely then you can use it in your important savegames. This can make it safer though I’ve already tested them and nothing ever happened.


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