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I am providing you with my Open Range Map that can be played directly or “nicely built”. The fictional map is very large on a scale of 1: 3. It has a lot of space to expand and 1980 is saved as the starting year. There are $ 100,000,000 available which should be enough for the first line expansion. Cities and industry are already in place and a rough road network has been laid out.
I tried to incorporate all the possibilities of landscape design and laid out the “wide open country” as realistically as possible. There is a lot of agriculture, some lakes, rivers, a swamp area, high mountains with valleys, huge forest areas, etc.

Many attractions can be admired:
– City "in the water"
– snowy valley with toboggan run
– Fish farming with many ponds
– Zoological Garden
– Racetrack
– nature reserve
– Excavation site
– Deer farm
– golf course
– Vineyards
– campsite
– and much more
The industry is also nicely decorated and neatly laid out. In order to visualize all of this, I used some mods. A list can be found below. All mods used are from the Steam Workshop and can therefore be easily subscribed to in addition to the map.

Mods used:
– Open Flora (Mountain Mama)
– Flowers! (kamykaze13)
– Maltool (Inklusive Tropical, USA) (cwr_pluesch)
– Ground_Assets TPF2 (cwr_pluesch)
– Asset Mega Pack (Quince99)
– Asset Expansion 2 (Norden)
– Ship Expansion 2 (Norden)
– Person asset fixed (softman)
– Animals asset (softman)
– Countryside buildings (softman)
– ext.roads – footpaths standalone (AV)
– assets for park (AV)
– asset car with colors (AV)
– asset truck with colors (AV)
– asset bus with colors (AV)
– asset plane (AV)
– asset ship (AV)
– Cargo Asset Set (Maik [Ger])
– Asset Set – Gepäck (Maik [Ger])
– Industrie_deko_Gebäude_1 (spa cky-dani)
– Besuchermagnet_1 (spa cky-dani)
– Hecken und Straßen Paket (Sheikh)
– Zäune (skully)
– Industry Extra Assets (mote454)
– Car Parks (Mad Hatter)
– Wooden bridge from TPF1 + extra textures (Mad Hatter)
– British Girder Bridges & Viaducts (JK)
– British Yard Cranes (JK)
– Brücken ohne Säulen (.Night<~)
– Spielplatz (mediziner)
– Oil Field Assets (CeGHeVarul)
– Kollisionsplatte (Relozu)
– Shionomisaki lighthouse (nosrith)
– Circus field (YGR537)
– (Atom-) Kraftwerk-Set (Fant Azero)
– BLS Decorations (OI MATE SWISS)
– Ortseingangsschild (majuen)
– Connum’s German Traffic Assets (Ⓒⓞⓝⓝⓤⓜ)


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