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This is the last one for today I swear.

I just so happened to finish three at once, don’t be mad

The ‘Big Bertha’ was built by the Midland Railway in 1919 solely to push trains up the Lickey Incline, a very steep piece of Mainline railway. This engine was an 0-10-0, meaning that it had 5 coupled axles under the boiler and no other wheels.

This engine was all business.

However, the engine was simply unsuited to haul trains alone and probably never did. There was also only one.

But this is Transport Fever 2, so go ahead and build like 50 of these things doing commuter services idk. Use it, abuse it, do whatever. You have a super powerful engine on your hands here.

In this mod you get:
1 Big Bertha locomotive from 1919
4 liveries throughout its lifetime (MR, LMS, LMS Black, BR)
Dynamic numbers and (a first for me) dynamic numbers on the smokebox

Oh yeah and a vehicle menu thing.

This engine is also set to ALWAYS REVERSE if placed on the back of a train (like a banker), and will run tender first the other way. This is as close to banking functionality you can get in TpF2.

And thus ends my spamming of the Workshop for today, just happened to finish 3 mods at the same time.


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