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This is the Kitson-Still Steam-Diesel hybrid locomotive. It was a design intended for the LNER, but they never bought it from the manufacturer (I WONDER WHY).

The concept of this locomotive was to combine the high-torque of a steam locomotive with the high RPM power of a diesel (of 1928). A sound idea actually, and if executed well would probably have been very successful.

Key words: ‘executed well’.

This engine was a flop and an utter failure and was scrapped in under 10 years.

1: Because it was fun to learn about
2: A nice challenge to make
3: My workshop is full of one-off engines and failures so the set didn’t feel complete

The stats of the engine in-game are the actual output of the loco, so don’t come crying in the comments if it’s awful because it was.

For you gaming pleasure, I set the end year to 0, which in TpF2 means infinity.

As I am talking about features:
Steam particle effects
Diesel and steam running sounds
Dynamic numbers on the bunker
Fully animated drive system (you better appreciate this bit it was very difficult)


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