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This engine was one of 3 built for the Great Southern Railway in Ireland, and was the largest and most powerful class of steam locomotive on the emerald isle. The huge 4-6-0s ran on the Irish gauge of 5ft 3in, and also take advantage of the Irish loading gauge.

This thing would dwarf any British 4-6-0 bar possibly a King Class, but even then it would be close.

Due to this being a game, and me not wanting to create a whole other track system for just one engine, I have narrowed its wheels and scaled it down a wee bit to fit on Standard Gauge track. It looks a bit off compared to the real one as it has a lot of overhang, but it should give off the idea that this is BIG.

Contents of mod

1 huge Irish engine
Custom soundset
Custom dirt/rust
Fully colourable (looks good in black btw)

Hey this mod looks different than your other ones… what gives?
Oh no you rumbled me oh heck.

Okay, some background. Every single one of my mods up until now once started out as a vanilla game mesh that I poked and prodded into shape. This is because I lacked the knowledge and skill to create UV and texture maps.

Being stuck at home and taking 4 weeks off of work over Christmas gives you time to learn things. My first attempt was on the Claud Hamilton, where the splashers were custom done. Then the Traction Engine was about 50/50… Maedb is 100% from scratch.

Okay 95%, because I am NOT making wheels and rods if they already exist. I stole them from my Royal Scot mod (but with some new animation).

So what has this got to do with this mod
Nothing, just proud of myself. Now go subscribe and make my time worthwhile.

As I am now doing mods this way, they will probably be less frequent but much higher quality. The reason it looks arse in screenshots is because I run TpF2 in potato mode otherwise it dies.


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