Transport Fever 2 - Bus Tram and Cargo Station – Choose The Era

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This mod lets you choose which era of tram/bus/truck station you would like to place.

I started off with this mod intending to fix the lamp issue on the vanilla cargo station and it grew

It sets the lamp choice on cargo stations to be appropriate for the era.
You can also choose to remove the lamps completely.

You can choose the ground texture you want to use.

It provides a wooden platform module that can be configured on any truck station and is used by default prior to 1920

it provides an early warehouse platform module that can be configured on any truck station –
however its better to use it with this one on vanilla the lights will poke through the roof.

For bus tram stations selecting the era changes the shelter style. So you can have any shelter style in any era.

I’ve also extended the choices affecting the initial size of the station – anything up to 200m and the number of platforms.

Era B lamps on cargo platforms are old style with modern platforms.
My thought here was if you want era B with modern lamps then use the vanilla station.

The original point of the mod was simply to get rid of the modern lamps that were sitting in the middle of the cargo platforms in 1850.

For reasons beyond understanding Urban decided to put the prop placement in the overall config tool that covers both the bus and the cargo stations – rather than in the platform modules.

So what should have been a tiny change – just a new platform choice instead became this.

So then I needed to give the mod a bigger reason for existence otherwise you would get new config tool for both bus and truck stations with very little gain. In fact the bus config tool would be a complete duplicate. As I think of more parameters that can be played with I’ll add them.

Credits:Mad Hatter

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