Transport Fever 2 - Boeing 717 & MD80 Pack

Transport Fever 2 Mods

A Boeing 717 & MD80 Pack featuring multiple versions liveries.

CODED!! – Fully animated passenger doors and interiors.
CODED!! – Fully animated slats and flaps.
CODED!! – Fully Animated Catering service trucks when the aircraft is at gate and doors are open.
CODED!! – Realistically modelled landing gear and landing gear animations.
Two sub-versions, the 717-200ER and the MD80.
Eight liveries, including real world airlines, fake airlines and a generic re-colourable livery for both types.
Detailed and accurate model by MJ1989C.
Fully modelled flaps, ruder and control services.
New highly detailed textures (including pitot tubes, static ports, cargo doors etc).


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