Transport Fever 2 - Berlin Elevated Rail Viaduct Pack with Houses, Tracks and Much More

Transport Fever 2 Mods

Some really cool authentic stuff you get with

Berliner Hochbahnviadukte Mega Pack

Easy to fill big blocks and provide some city flavour… will be expanded with more stations and stuff. lg


UPDATE 1.2 1x elevated station *U-Bhf. Eberswalder Strasse* with unique interior, lots of detail and love (lengths 80-240m in 20m steps, heights 8/9/10/11/12m)
UPDATE 1.2 1x 3 track elevated train parking yard
UPDATE 1.23 1x 2-40(!) track train yard a.k.a Spitzkehre+++ DELUXE up to 400m lenght with various settings (track distances, signals, stages…)
4x Gründerzeithäuser with many style options and unique murals (200+ combinations, some with shops included)
20x International shop assets (*9 of them in 4 languages)
Hausdurchfahrt at height 11m (to easy snap on bridges)
10x Berlin Schnellbahn tracks third rail tracks (electrified they have invisible catenary)
Hochbahnviadukt bridge builder assets (with street options)
2x Hochbahnviadukte pillarless bridge types (BETA)
fitting Hochbahnviadukt pillars as track assets to snap on (with street options)
typical old Berlin toilet "Cafe Achteck" and "Konnopke’s Imbiss" as assets


person magnets (houses 40xresidential, shops adjustable 10-100x commercial and toilet and imbiss asset 20xindustrial people spot)
scaling and little more options *SNAP ON OPTION for buildings (testing)
all assets and houses in assets > category "Berlin" *available from 1850, some others and stations from 1900
2 tracks with "invisible electrification" and 4 with 3rd rail electrification (also included in Stadtbahn) from 70kmph to 180kmph (both sides L&R) in category "1435mm" *available from 1880/1920 and are also available as modules for modular stations


Some models will be added; others might be edited during developement
to build the viaduct with pillars is a "top down logic"… you might lower the terrain first and add pillars via track asset after. terrain and street building options
"Hausdurchfahrt" is a bit upscaled to fit tpf bridge heights and track width
"U"-tracks have (intentionally) no bumber model (yet)
mod in 2 languages (*de & *es)… *en will be finished

Use at your own risk. All rights reserved.

Credits:[3.19]Icemaster, Lmgordocano

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