Transport Fever 2 - Bae 146/Avro RJ85 Europe Pack 1

Transport Fever 2 Mods

This livery pack includes 5 liveries worn by German carriers Eurowings and CityLine. All are found as a variant of the vanilla BAe 146.

Eurowings BAe 146-200
Eurowings operated the BAe 146-200 from 1994 to 2009. Available 1994-2009.

Eurowings (Air France Express) BAe 146-200
For a short time in the late 90’s, Eurowings flew a few 146’s on behalf of Air France. Available 1997-1999.

Eurowings (Lufthansa Regional) BAe 146-200
Eurowings operated the BAe 146 under Lufthansa Regional colors for a short time in the late 2000’s. Available 2006-2009.

Lufthansa CityLine Avro RJ85 Old Colors
D-AVRG started its life with CityLine in 1995. It currently flies as a firefighting aircraft in the United States. Available 1995-2008.

Lufthansa CityLine Avro RJ85 New Colors
D-AVRR was one of the last Avros to fly for Lufthansa. It is depicted in the later Lufthansa Regional colors. It currently flies for Bolivian carrier EcoJet as CP-2814. Available 2007-2012.

This livery pack requires my BAe 146-200/RJ85 Dependencies to be activated.


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