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I wanted to work on a YuMZ tractor, so I made a small map for it. The map uses an addon from the mod “MTZ 80, 82” from the author of Silent. Thanks to him for the addon and for the permission to use it on the map together with UMZ (the addon comes with the map).

On the map:
– 2 Sawmills;
– 4 Points of intelligence;
– No garage, gas station, loading points and felling;
– There are several loaded carts, as well as scattered logs;
– There are 3 cars on the map in total.

Well, a little story:
Forester Stepanich, he was a little ill and asked you to take a ride on his tractor, bring logs for the winter. Your friend – the owner of a small sawmill on the edge of the village, having learned that you were going to fetch firewood for Stepanych, asked to bring him woods to the sawmill. He also hinted that there are abandoned logs in the swamp behind the lake. You just need to persuade the tractor driver to take them out of the swamp.

So, get into your LuAZ, just in case, take the barrels of fuel and go to the forester Stepanych.

Two versions of the map: “YuMZ” – for a single passage and “YuMZ_mr” – for multiplayer (it has fewer loaded carts)

Card size: 512 x 512.

Credits:homosum (alekseyf11)

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