Spintires:Mudrunner - Vehicle Pack DLC China Adventure Mod V1.0

SpinTires:Mudrunner Mods

The pack includes 3 cars:
1. Dongfeng EQ240;
2. Jiefang CA-30;
3. Jiefang CA-10.

Models have their own addons, animations and their own sounds.

– Carry 4 and 6 points of cargo;
– 1200 liters of fuel;
– 350 repair parts;
– 2 Garage Points.

And so hello dear lovers of off-road and forest transportation. This is the envelope of the recently released DLC for Spintires.

The opinion is ambiguous, but I liked the trucks and I decided to move them to Mudrunner. I did everything as in default, i.e. cockpit view, tidy, hands on the steering wheel and fuel animations wherever it should be.

I removed some add-ons because they were useless and useless.

Cons: There is no steering wheel animation.

There are three trucks in the archive (you want to install separately, but you want all at once).
Happy New Year, everyone, and enjoy the ride.


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