Spintires:Mudrunner - The Mechanic V2 Map V14.02.20

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Truckers friends, welcome to my extended Mechanic map.
Thanks to Whilhelmus54 for testing the card.
To play on this map, you will need SpinTiresMod.exe

This card is a role-playing game, a hardcore card. You must repair the trucks in the field! But you are a little lazy, the truck driver has long gone home! So you have to not only repair the trucks, but also bring the logs to the destination! Keep in mind that trucks are not loaded, damaged, lost their logs or lie on their side. Or a combination.

You have two empty seats for your own trucks, and there are five damaged trucks in the field. There are no long logs in the game, and you will use the winch many times! You will drive 30+ km in a single player game.

On the map:
– 1 Garage (open);
– 1 Fuel station;
– 4 intelligence points;
– 4 Loading points;
– 6 Sawmills;
– 5 Cars + 2 slots for cars (replaceable).

Size: 1536 by 1536 meters.
Size of heights: 256 meters.


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