Spintires:Mudrunner - Textures 2 (3PCS) + Setting for Gaz M-72 Pack V1

SpinTires:Mudrunner Mods

Changes to settings compared to the original mod:
– New color and headlights (for black);
– New color and headlights for the add-on (for black);
– New headlights and headlights (for purple);
– Dark glasses (for violet);
– New wheels from the mod (for purple);
– Increased power by 20%;
– Now the same power on regular and off-road;
– Increased durability by 50%;

To install the mod, you first need to install the original mod

There are four folders in the mod folder:
“Black” – (black coloring with red wheels), copy the media folder from it over the original mod
“black wheels for black” – (alternative wheels for black), copy the media folder from it over the black coloring
“Purple” – (purple coloring), copy the media folder from it over the original mod
“two-tone textures for purple” – (purple coloring with a light top), copy the media folder from it over the purple coloring

P.S: For the correct display of lighting, sizes, colors of lights and lights, you need an Adega Mod Pack or at least the trucks file from there from the _templates folder, since the lighting is configured using templates.


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