Spintires:Mudrunner - Tatra Pheonix Truck V2.0

SpinTires:Mudrunner Mods

It has 2 versions of the truck, 4 of its add-ons are 14 standard, its own sound.
The dashboard is off.

Original mesh and textures: Smety & Angelus
Envelope and setup in ST: garminbreak friends from rc4x4.cz
Envelope in MudRunner: korvetak: CZ

Version v 2.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19):
Minor refinement of the trucks. I put the normal wheels, prescribed the engine start-up icons, fuel level, engine air intake. Added two points of engagement on the sides of minor improvements in terms of sound. The rest is unchanged. Good luck on the road!


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