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Tatra 813 – a heavy military truck of Czechoslovak production, which from 1967 to 1982. manufactured by Tatra.

There are 6 cars in the pack:
1. T813 KOLOS has 10 of its own and 9 standard add-ons.
2. T813 Turbo (more power and faster gearbox) has 12 of its own and 12 standard add-ons.
3. T813 CSLA has 3 of its own and 4 standard add-ons.
4. T813 CSLA v2 has 3 of its own and 4 standard add-ons.
5. T813 Fire Truck has 4 of its add-ons.
6. T813 Trial has no addons.

Trucks also have:
– various animations;
– their goods.

The author recommends installing the KrAZ-260 (M) / 260-B (M) from CyMpak, MAZ-6317 from Darius and KamAZ-5350 from Psix19rus to expand the functionality.

Model Tatra 813 is taken from the game engine sandbox Outerra (Russian-speaking community).
Original mesh Tatra 813: DrRacer
Textures: Outerra Studios
Envelope models in MudRunner: Dustin B., Arraial, Zidon
Sound: P.Polánszki
Adapting to the game for the latest update (and some add-ons): V12, Pitrsonn, Korvetak, Maztekk and other friends from the rc4x4.cz forum


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