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Comrades truckers, welcome to the new map “somewhere – wilds”
This map is based on a new idea, but with an eye on my old maps.
Thanks to Whilhelmus54 for testing the card.

To play on this map, you will need a Spintires mod

Use the scout to explore the map! and see for yourself how you manage the map.
You have three free slots for your own trucks, and there is one truck in the field.
Use the Spintires mod tool if you don’t like trucks, but play fair!

– There are three different moving barriers on the map.
1 – open gate with biep.
2-trip to the barrier.
3-Open the barrier with the truck, but those inside, you cannot return!
– Most flags are placed off the route.

Card size 1536m x 1536m X 256 MB

On the map:
– 1 garage (open)
– 2 refueling
– 8 sawmills
– 1 sawmill
– 2 point manual loading
– 1 car + 3 slots


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