Spintires:Mudrunner - Somewhere in The Area Map v1.0

SpinTires:Mudrunner Mods

Another transfer of cards from the game SpinTires! The map is very very complex!

It was created spontaneously. To say that she is light and laid-back is impossible. The map has everything: dirt, and serpentine, and cliffs, etc. It should not be boring on the map.

One piece of advice is to drive along the roads, because looking for short ways is simply useless, because this will only add time to the passage of this card.

The map is not for couch critics, comments on the type, there are no such landscapes, something is not installed where it is needed or planted in the wrong places, it is useless and meaningless. The map is old and I was not going to change anything in it, because they asked me to leave everything, as it was before.

On the map:
– The garage is closed.
– Two loading points.
– Lesopovalov – 6.
– 4 starting cars.
– Two trolleys of garage parts.

Size: 1 km per 1 km


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