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Good day to all, I am glad to present to your attention my new work. The map is difficult in places, as they say, a winch to help!

And so on the plot …

Two Americans were supposed to bring spare parts to the garage, but, alas, one got lost, broke down and drained the tank (after an extra mileage), and the other damaged his truck and drained the tank. You have to help the Americans and close the sawmills.

On the map:
– 1 Garage (closed),
– 4 Sawmills,
– 4th collection point,
– 4 Points of intelligence,
– 1 Fuel station,
– 1 Car at the start + 4 on the map,
The size of the card is 16X16 (512X512).

MANDATORY DLC “American Wilds”

P.s made the map 1.5 years ago, but did not make it public. So some bugs are possible (I don’t remember anymore) … Sorry if something goes wrong.


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