Spintires:Mudrunner - Professional: Alternative Map V1.0

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Each person is a professional in his field, but a heavy truck driver simply must be a pro! After all, just one driver error can lead to irreversible consequences! You are about to become such a pro and experience all the delights of a mining dump truck and garbage truck driver! Be careful when loading a garbage truck!

To-do list:
– Bring a stone from the quarry (Road works);
– Collect trash from containers (Landfill);
– Take the timber to the village (Bathhouse);
– Bring the logs to the village;

On the map:
It is not recommended to change the starting car (Garage is missing)
– 1 Fuel station (Oil depot);
– 2 points of loading + 1 loading of logs;
– 4 Sawmills;
– 5 points of reconnaissance;
– 4 Cars at the start + 10 Cars on the map;

The card contains:
– Garbage Truck Bunker by Serj_
– NH W170C by yansors, Psix19rus, chekhrak
– Yaz 214 / Yaz 214 Ballast / Kraz 256 / Kraz 258 / EO by Glushak.
– KAMaZ 4310 \ 55102, author of Devil38rus
Special thanks go to the S.D.S. team.


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