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Hello everyone, I present to you my next job for MudRunner. 2×2 km map is suitable for default and monoprivod

A feature of the card is its cargo (we drop everything from the archive).

Attention! Attention!
We move carefully on the locomotive to avoid derailment, on the arrows we use half-lowered, the arrows are controlled by pressing the number 4 next r / t.

If suddenly the blue square jumped red, use the number 5 (vertical), the blue square rises, then translate the blue square to red (by pressing the number 4 then the r / t keys), as we translated, turn off the number 5 (vertical), wait 3- 5 seconds, the blue square drops, you can again translate the arrows.

To open the garage, you need to find a ferry, load a container in it (forty, one container 4 garage points) and transfer it to another island, then find the Maz-5337 with a container ship, load the container on it, secure the cargo (be sure to secure the container) and deliver it to the garage , call under the crane, throw off the cargo and put it to the control room.

We also deliver the container to the terminals (X); export is possible on a diesel locomotive or on its own. 7th terminal (X) closes on a diesel locomotive (it is also necessary to fix the container on a diesel locomotive) (twenty weights with squid, forty-gantry cranes from the siding) 20-foot containers – 2 points, 40 foot – 4 loading points (hovering over the control room will show you which containers they accept)

We carry the forest on our favorite trucks, sawmills accept only long logs (8 long logs 8 loading points) everyone will have to ride.

On the map:
– 2 garages – closed (railway garage and garage for vehicles, railway garage opens on tgm3)
– 2 refueling
– 7 points of discharge (X) 2 sawmills, 5 terminals
– 20 intelligence points
– 2 start slots (replaceable)


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