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This mod was created for maximum immersion in the game. This isn’t just a graphics mod – there’s some new dirt here as well. The car gets very dirty, splashes on the windows, and the same from water. There are original names of cars and original appearance, there is new vegetation.

What’s new:
There are a lot of things here, in fact, I will write the main thing.

1. New beautiful graphics.
2. Physics of branches and stones.
3. Dynamic objects.
4. New beautiful water.
5. New dashboard.
6. New dirt.
7. Clean glasses for default.
8. Splashes of dirt and water on glass and body.
9. Discs get dirty.
10. New clouds.
11. More dust.
12. New vegetation.
13. A lot of new textures are 4k, but they are few.
14. But at night it’s as dark as an asshole.
15. I almost forgot more realistic dirt (if you’re stuck on the headlights – that’s it, khana).

Many thanks to Adega for some of this ..
There are also two handsome men who came to me very much and I threw them into the archive

Throw all the necessary files from the archive into the folder with the game …

Don’t forget about Reshade. Also, all cars have real radiator grilles.

Version 2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19):
Corrected the colors and more on the little things.


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