Spintires:Mudrunner - Medvezhut Map V1

SpinTires:Mudrunner Mods

It is not clear for what “reasons” the reserve’s territory has become generally accessible and
now, strange work is underway to destroy forests.
Our task is to transport business wood and firewood to the destination.

The scenario is as follows:
We open the garage and carry the forest, while we are afraid of wild animals, they can bite the wheel.
(you can calculate how many of them are on the map and write on the site in the comments, who is more !?)
Map for four-wheel drive cars.

On the map:
4 cars at the start (replaceable)
1 refueling
7 intelligence points
7 sawmills
1 lumbering (in the arcade)
2 Goats for loading
there is a car for loading K-700
1 Garage (closed)
Map 32х32 1024х1024 m.

There are two maps in the archive: summer and autumn.
Many thanks to everyone!

Credits:Sergey Nevraev (Prince of silence)

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