Spintires:Mudrunner - Long Watch 4 Map V0.1

SpinTires:Mudrunner Mods

Map size: 2×2 km. Attention! To pass the map STmod is required!

A map with a varied landscape, there are mountain serpentines, swamps, dirt roads, in some places you have to ride on off-road and fords. “Karteyka” was made under default, but not mono (but here whoever wants to do not blame), a winch in good faith.

Arrivals for loading through the asphalt on a fast track, and leaving on a dirt road or to some saws, you need to look for ways off-road. The fuel is not enough, it will be necessary to drag around here and there. Good luck to everyone and enjoy the game!

I recommend scouting the map first, then it will be easier to find your way to the sawmill.

On the map there is a partial skidding on the 2nd sawmill, there is a K-700 and a Skider (dls amerika). We drag the forest to the cliff, throw it off the cliff and load it.

On the map:
– 4 Trucks at the start (Replaceable) + 11 auxiliary equipment you will open during the game;
– 6 Sawmills;
– 3 Gas stations;
– 1 Goat for loading, 2 location for auto loading (arcade);
– 48 Points of intelligence;
– 1 Garage (Closed).

The playability test of the map was done on the Kraz-6 loading points and the Urals with 4 loading points.


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