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Hello! I submit my first work (it is already a month old), converted from Spintires 03.03.16 for Spintires: MudRunner! But then I slightly altered it! Since in Spintires 03.03.16 I overdid it with stones and sticks, on this map I removed them, left a little in the felling!) Rearranged the second garage, added a new path and redid the narrow path – the one that leads along the lake to 5 saws, I hope you will not judge strictly.

The plot is simple! We need to find a car with repair parts, repair a car refueling tank and refuel a car with garage parts! Well, then you know what to do!

Card size: 32×32

On the map:
2 Garages (Closed)
2 Gas stations
1 Lumberjack
3 Loading points
6 Sawmills
9 Scouting Points
4 Auto at start (replaceable)

Version 25.08.20 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):
– Updated for the game version 08/14/19;
– Added autumn version of the map.


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