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Yachenka is a former village in Siberia, dispersed back in 1947, founded in 1913. There were no houses there, people lived in dugouts, without electricity, etc. Over time, nature changes and the village began to flood, because nearby is the Osh River and lakes, in the dugouts it became impossible to live and people parted. Now there is a swampy place. You need to deliver logs through an abandoned village, breaking the gully of the river. Osh and other marshy places …

Card balance: 22 points. There are no roads!

On the map:
– 1 Garage (open);
– 1 Fuel station;
– 1 Point of automatic loading of logs;
– 1 Point of manual loading of logs;
– 5 Sawmills;
– 4 intelligence points;
– 6 Cars at the start (can be replaced).

Size: 512 by 512 m.


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