Spintires:Mudrunner - Lalsky Open Spaces 3 Map V0.1

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My new hard card “Lalsky expanses 3”. Map for team passing.

You have to open 3 garages. To open the 1st garage, you need to find machines, load in the Urals (4 garage points). At the sawmills, the forest will have to be unloaded manually, the registration of the sawmill loading by default (4cr, 3 points; 3sr, 4 points; 2dl, 6 eyes). There are also treacherous bridges waiting for you and most importantly – a lot of garbage has accumulated in the settlements, you will have to find a garbage truck, collect garbage in the settlements and take it all to landfills. Since landfills are illegal, they are disguised as sawmills (3-4-8). To load a garbage truck you need 4 pieces. How to ship g.ch .: garbage truck see the video. The card size is 1.400 / 1400. Good luck to all.


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