Spintires:Mudrunner - Dongfeng Balong-350 (6X12) Truck v1.0

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Truck joint venture of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. and Liuzhou Industrial Joint Stock Company. The company was founded back in 1954,

In 2003, the company joined the alliance of Dongfeng Motor and Nissan Motor Co, which allowed it to launch new models. It should be added that the priority for the development of the company remains heavy commercial transport. Since 2004, the company has been consistently developing a model range of heavy trucks, offering today in this segment: dump trucks, tractors, semi-trailers, special vehicles based on Dongfeng Balong and Dongfeng Longka.

In 2005, Dongfeng Chenglong and Dongfeng Balong were ranked among the top 10 vehicles in terms of customer satisfaction in China in the heavy truck segment.

Features of the mod:
– 1 own addon 4 standard trailers;
– Animation of drawbridge, body, ladder;
– Your cargo;
– their sounds;
– High-quality interior, torpedo without a plate;
– In the mirrors imitation of reflection.


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Padhu kutty
Padhu kutty
2020-01-06 16:48:24

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