Spintires:Mudrunner - Atmospheric Graphics V1.0

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Just drop the files into the archive in which it is written (made so that everything was cool on snow mod). The TextureCache folder in TextureCache.zip in the root folder of the game. The MeshCache folder in MeshCache.zip in the root folder of the game. The Media.zip folder in Media.zip in the root folder of the game. And the Media folder without .zip in the root folder and register in the config (if you have at least one installed mod, then drop the files into the media folder).

If there are problems – write in the comments, or in PM, I will help (I will do less in terms of MB). There is a black village map, it does not work – this is for sounds, music and the background in the game (but it is not visible in the game as a map) there is the right dirt and so on and there is new music.

This mod will work both from adega mod and with the “Late Autumn” mod. And if you have SpintiresMod.exe, then you need to download the MISERY Texture Pack, also for the atmosphere you need to reduce the brightness in the game by almost a minimum. And don’t forget about Reshade. Also, all cars have real radiator grilles.

Credits:LOX and Refin_ken

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