SnowRunner - RNG G53 Truck V1.1

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The G53. It was a vehicle my eyes were looking for and wanted to drive when I started playing Snowrunner. I loved the very similar vehicle that was available in the previous game. This package will include prototype version and many more addons in the future.
I had a lot of new experiences in 3d modeling in the previous month. I started out as a side project before completing the current armored vehicle project. In this project, I have tried many new techniques and got a better quality 3d model and textures.

– Unique sideboard bed (more planned)
– Color Options-High quality interior
– High quality model and textures
– Custom AWD
– More coming very soon.

Planned Updates:
-More Addons like exhaust, searchlights
-Fuel Tanker
-Prototype 2 slot longer chassis


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