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The Red Dead Redemption 2 – No More Double Chin; is a simple zip with Arthur’s normal head over all his head types (in theory) and John’s underweight head type and thin neck over all of his head variants, to escape that awful overweight double chin effect that makes the duo look comical, but ghastly. Yes this is simple, no I don’t care lol.

I ended up doing this tiny little mod after fiddling with the JM Restoration mod and it’s files and wanted to search the head types used for the different body weights.

John’s Underweight Head and Neck replace all his head types, (it’s my preference) so this means you can now have the overweight body type for John to stop looking so anorexic and not suffer the cruelty of Rip Jam Wilton and his obscene double chin that even clips through the neck scarf.

player_three_ms1_head_999 is what I found to be the underweight head for John.

player_three_ms1_head_thin is what I understand to be the chin/neck of John when his head is at Underweight while the player_three_ms1_head_heavy is what is used from Perfect – Overweight.

player_zero_head_002 is what I believe to be Arthur’s normal head weight, this is what is used over all the other Arthur heads, so no double chin for the old boah either.
Unlike John, Arthur doesn’t seem to use thin/heavy head types in addition to the numbered heads.

Yep this is a ridiculously small “mod”, but hey, I didn’t like double chin mode for a body type that looked more natural as opposed to “I haven’t eaten in 7 years” Rim Minkle in 1907, so I made this.

I only know how to tell ya how to install this via RAMPAGE TRAINER so that’s how I’ll tell ya.

\Red Dead Redemption 2\RampageFiles\Models


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