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Now your Belgian can wear any coat and still look like a Belgian! Please check requirement section when installing.

These files are for the Belgian fans. You can either make your Belgian wear any coat you want (by renaming your desired coat to the Belgian you’re having), or you can make any horse have a Belgian’s body by just dropping the file in stream folder (see “how to install”).

Lenny’s mod loader (see requirement section)
“version.dll” from Lenny’s simple trainer (see requirement section)

If this is the first time you install one or both of the above mods, please be sure to follow their instructions very carefully.

If you don’t put “version.dll” to your root folder, the newer online coats can’t be loaded properly in story mode and this will give you a partial invisible horse!

Unpack your desired files and drop them in Red Dead Redemption 2 / lml / stream If the stream folder doesn’t already exist, you need to create it by yourself.

Don’t put the .rar packs in your stream folder.

bolju (amazing modified coats and breeds)
fouronenine14 (amazing modified coats)
Dhublaidd (amazing modified coats)
SunofLordran (amazing modified coats)
All horses are perfect by deleted49961821 (if stats matter to you (no judgement here) and they keep you from getting the horse which you like the most, you should try that mod)

Rename the ymt file with the filename which you want to replace. A list with all names is included.

Open the desired file with a text editor and change the scale value to your liking. A picture of where you find the scale value is included.

For example:
Arabian = 0.91875000
Kentucky Saddler = 1.01700000
Hungarian Halfbred = 1.08750000
Shire Horse = 1.14370000

– These are not customized coats. That’s how R* created them. I only put all of them on a Belgian 
– These are only cosmetic changes. They do not affect the horse’s stats or peoples reaction to the horse. Meaning: it’s still the horse you replaced, but it looks like a Belgian.
– Feel free to use and change these files if you want to experiment.
– I speak only german, english and a tiny bit of french. Other languages I don’t understand.


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