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Allows you to purchase any and all item without requirements, and recipes. In addition, makes ALL items available for purchase at Fences, including debug items and cut items, with some limitations like weapons.

All items unlocked and purchasable
Definition for ALL ITEMS UNLOCKED: Like outlined below, this does not mean you can just buy literally everything. There are sometimes external requirements to items. From the catalog’s perspective everything is unlocked, but more work is required to actually make items available for purchase. This is most clearly notable with weapons. The game does external checks that go outside of the game’s catalog to make sure you are able to purchase the weapon. There’s also a lot of items in the menu that are seemingly unlocked but work in this same way. This is noticeable with certain ammunition, like hatchets. They work the same as weapons and have external unlock requirements. Finally, there are certain items which are in the “purchase” menu but physically are broken and cannot be bought. All of those have been left in intentionally.

In this mod, changes are made to the catalog to allow you to buy and and all items (except weapons for now) without requirements. This is done by manually going through the catalog file and removing the restrictions put on the items that are locked. This includes not having an item, which allows you to see for example all colors of outfits at any tailor, components for all weapons you do not currently own, and content that gets unlocked by story progress, such as the ability to purchase pouches at Fences like in the post-game.

In addition, this removes all crafting recipes from shops, instead replacing the need for materials with just a cash price to purchase them. This includes everywhere you animal parts to craft certain items, such as the Trapper and Pearson. This does not currently work for Trinkets, though I plan on making those work without recipes as well.

Finally, this adds a custom menu to the Emeral Station, Rhodes, Van Horn and Saint Denis Fences that allows you to buy any item. Adds multiple categories to the menu you can use. The Fence option brings you to the original, unedited menu of the Fence. Then you can use Q and E to browse tabs within it. Please note that due to a limitation in the game, the tab indicated (the little circles) stop updating past a certain point, but the menus still work. Items that are normally not available for purchase have been given a purchase price of $0, while any item that already had a purchase price has been left untouched and will cost the same.

IMPORTANT: Purchasing items that are obviously not intended to be used in gameplay either by being cut or not intended to be purchased may have lasting and unforeseen consequences on your save file. I have intentionally left everything in there so that you can have fun experiencing what would happen if you got certain items early, et cetera, but this means there is a very real chance that progression using your save game may be permanently broken. If you are worried about purchasing something that may break your game, do not buy items that are free, have missing text, or display anything weird.


Download and install Lenny’s Mod Loader. Make sure it’s beta 5 or higher.
Extract the downloaded ZIP to the LML folder.

Done! Your Red Dead Redemption folder should have a folder LML which contains the all_items_unlocked_and_purchasable folder.

Credits:Bob Ross

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