FS22 - Production Info Hud V0.7

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Version 0.7:
Productions are now also displayed in the sales ads

Publication on other sides only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO alternative link!
Changing or re-uploading, whether in whole or in part, is not allowed!

The first version of the productions Info Hud, known from the LS 19.
Since the LS19 version was built on Global Company dialogues and methods, this version must be complete rebuilded.

The first version has the following, non-customizable properties:
Display of the active productions with their remaining time
A production is only displayed if …
it has less than 2 month remaining
it has less than 50% fill level
The display is sorted according to the remaining time, whichever runs empty or is empty first is shown at the top
Full productions are sortet in top of allowed
Only the first 5 of the sortet list are shown

Requests and suggestions for improvement as well as error messages are always welcome.

Credits:Script: AchimobilIdee / Konzept: Achimobil

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