FS22 - New Holland 1431/H7450 V1.0

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The mod has been converted and updated a lot since the official release for FS19.
The mower has the store configuration for the old 1431, new 1431 and the H7450 mower.
Ingame you can click ctrl+y to change the work mode to chose between if the mower drop wide or narrow swaths. 

What has been changed from FS19:
-Added missing stickers
-Added hydrolic hoses
-Revised collision and lower animation

Known Error:
-Shape file to big.

Error is showing in the log but doesnt cause any issue in the game. Will just be declined on modhub but i dont plan to submit the mod. 
Error will not be fixed

-It has the same issue it had in 19 with the drawbar.
Only fix for that would imply a completly re-ingamed mower made out of skinned mesh. Will not be solved.

Credits:Original model: Trent Anderson from T & A Modding Model alterations and updates: 46Mods (myself) FS19 ingame: 46Mods (myself) FS22 convert and update: 46Mods (myself)

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