FS22 - Mobile Homes V2.0

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This pack was originally uploaded by Adub Modding for FS19.
Upon request, and with permission, I have uploaded my edit to this mod for FS19.

Now with the release of FS22, I’ve converted the mode and made some updates.

The following changes are in this update:
Converted to FS22
Combined colour options
Modified placement so they’re closer to the ground
Attached new hitch for compatibility
Updated some textures

I’ve also included two variations of rental signs to place near the trailers to simulate rental income. Until such time it might be possible to have these trailers generate their own income.

Note: I usually upload to Nexus Mods, however, this is a special case.

Several authors have contributed to make this mod possible.

Credits:DocElyoc, Unlimited Modding, Rambow145, Mike Honcho Productions llc overhauled and converted to FS19 adub modding. Updated by Knottypine for FS19. Converted for FS22 and updated again by Knottypine.

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