FS22 - John Deere All In One Multifruit Pack V1.0

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Minor changes and Color change on header.

This is my very first mod I have ever made. This pack includes an heavily modified version of the John Deere X9_1100 with multifruit capabilities and color options (supported fruit types: Wheat, Barley, Oat, Canola, Soybeans, Sorgum, Corn, Sunflower, Cotton And Sugarcane! Plenty of expansions available ranging from 80,000L- 500,000L. Header included in the pack is the John Deere HD50F with added capabilities of harvesting Corn, Sunflowers, Cotton and Sugarcane. Working speed of 12MPH (20 KPH). There is a small error when harvesting sugarcane. I believe its due to a missing particle effect. I’m looking into it. If anyone has any suggestions or ways to make this better please feel free to let me know! 


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