FS22 - Greenhouses (Revamp) V1.3

Farming Simulator 22 Mods

- changed mod icon
- fixed bale trigger for small garden plot and also the straw fillplane;
- fixed the sun dependent greenhouses, now the production is ok (was producing very little before);
- increased the water and seeds requirements, because the greenhouses were too profitable (still are).
Hopefully the last update to fix things; only if I add something new, will update.

These are realistic versions of the greenhouses on industrial and medium scale, also with two open gardens, that now produce alongside the base-game lettuce, tomato and strawberry, new crops as: melon, watermelon, cabbage, red cabbage, red lettuce, green onion, pumpkin, cucumber, baby carrots, cauliflower, mushroom, eggplant, chili and bell peppers.
Production Revamp mod needed.
The recipes uses water and seeds, and if you add lime, compost or/and manure, solid fertilizer, wood chips or straw and empty pallets (last one is buyable from the store or can be produced by my sawmill platinum; other empty pallets may work) you'll get up to 100% more output.
The recipes are the same on all the placeables, but only the industrial one works non-stop; the medium greenhouse will work all year but depend on the sun's power (night off, when very sunny the production will be at it's best); the garden plots will stop working in the winter months, with the production cycles reduced.
Will work without compost or empty pallets (will get only some warnings in the log, and the boost from them won't be added).
Selling point not needed, it will sell as same place as base game tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries on your map.
For support, extra mods/mod edits and a nice comunity, join my Discord (link in profile).

Credits:Blacksheep Modding, WES_Mods, Jinkou89

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