FS22 - Great Krampe Pack v2.0.0.6

Farming Simulator 22 Mods

Krampe Bandit 550, 750, 800, 980 and trailers and Dolly 20L

- Bug Fix Bandit 750, axis visibility of all parts fixed
- Compressed air hoses and electrical connection retrofitted in the trailer

Krampe pendant
Bandit 550,750,800,980 and semi-trailer and Dolly 20L
There is a video about it here: YouTube

trailing axles
Color choice for exterior color, rim color + chassis in the semi trailer (including original Krampe colors!)
Sound when loading and unloading and opening and closing the cover
License plate and license plate lighting
Level indicator left and right
Soft - Cover covers in Bandit 750 and SemiTrailer
original filling quantities from Krampe specifications

Matching tractor (in the color CLAAS metallic)
NEW! LS22 FS22 CLAAS Xerion 5000 VC 2.0
Claas Xerion 5000 CV (predecessor)
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Please note: the covers of the trailers may not open with "N" but with "Y"!
(except for the semi-trailer, this responds to "N")
Or you can define the key assignment in the game: in the vehicle section, the device function 4 according to your own wishes!


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