FS19 - Xta 220 Tractor V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

The mod adds a universal wheeled tractor of the 4th traction class XTA-220 to the game Farming Simulator 2019.
It is equipped with a rear hitch and PTO.
Cabin panel, with air conditioning and audio system, tires 23,1R26. Gearbox with switching on the go without breaking the flow of power.
It is possible to install a front hitch with a PTO on a tractor, low-pressure tires 66x43.00R25.

Characteristics of HTA-220:
- Engine power: 210 hp;
- Speed: 40 km / h;
- Cost: 30,000;
- Engine selection;
- Own sounds.


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2019-07-06 12:06:36

very powerful tractor, have huge wheel.

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