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First: the map is in a kind of beta, it’s playable but not perfect. Until today it was a only private map, but maybe someone else has interest and fun with it. The map was created by me as a one-man-project, therefore it is difficult to make everything perfect because of the size. For private reasons I just don’t have the time to finish everything, that’s why I release it like this now. PS: If someone wants to work on it further, feel free to contact me.

The map is a 1:1 replica regarding terrain and fields, except for the edges. It is a large 4-fold map with 167 fields and 85 meadows. There are 5 different farms: Farm1 and Farm2: cattle ; Farm 3 pigs ; Farm 4 horses ; Farm 5 cattle.

The map has Seasons implemented (certainly not perfect either, but works) and traffic on most roads.
There are no standard vehicles or fields which are owned from the beginning, these must be bought at the beginning (if necessary just cheat money)


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