FS19 - Vistula KZB 3 V0.9

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Another version of Vistula. The last of the regular updates.

Version 0.9 Changelog:
Added scythe animations
Revised engine model
Added a bagger
Sacks have been added
An animation has been added for turning on the combine
Added lights
Changed soiling of the combine
New working and extinguishing sounds
Improved grain animations in the throat.
Removed the stand camera (Ability to change the position of the camera with the mouse)
Added additions to the model (batteries, hoses etc.)

Technical data:
Power: 65 KM, (kW)
Driving speed: 1.6 - 19.5 km / h
Capacity: 1750
Working width: 3.3 m
Working speed: 7km / h

The forage harvester
Air filter (factory / new)
Tires (with / without / field tread)
Tilt (covered / not)
Color of the combine
Color of filters / attenuator
Engine Color
The color of the Motoworks
Rim color
Cab color
Engine covers
Tank (Tank / Bagging)

Simple IC:
Cabin door
Engine Hits
Tank hatch


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