FS19 - Vistula KZB 3 Harvester V0.8.1

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The Z018 / 0 (KZB 3B) self-propelled wheeled combine harvester is designed for harvesting and threshing cereals and rape. The Z020 / 0 (KZB 3R) combine can also be used for rice harvesting. These harvesters enable the entire mechanical harvesting of the above-mentioned plants.

Technical data:
Power: 65 KM, (kW)
Driving speed: 1.6 - 19.5 km / h
Capacity: 1750 l
Working width: 3.3 m
Working speed: 7km / h

The forage harvester
Air filter (factory / new)
Tires (with / without tread)
Tilt (covered / not)
Color of the combine
Color of filters / attenuator

Simple IC:
Cab door

Version 0.8.1 Changelog:
Changed front tires
New header model
New engine model
Improved model of the combine
Combine gets dirty faster
New configurations
Reduced mod weight
Fixed collisions
Workshop issue fixed
Added SimpleIC

New Animations:
Sieve tank
Pipe stick
Brake pedal
The entire combine
All header elements (except the scythe)


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