FS19 - Variable Spray Usage V1.0.0.3

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This script makes it possible to calculate the application rate of liquidmanure, manure, fertilizer, lime, liquid fertilizer and herbicide to the worked hectare. The application rate is regulated depending on the speed. This means, no matter what speed is applied, the application rate is always adjusted. The script installs itself in all vehicles that have the specialization “sprayer”, so in all Slurry spreading devices, syringes, fertilizer spreaders and manure spreaders.

The following application rates are possible:
Liquid fertilizer / herbicide 100 to 800 liters / hectare
Fertilizer / lime 1000 to 9000 liters / hectare
Solid manure 12,000 to 30,000 liters / hectare or 12 to 30 m³ / hectare
Manure 10000 to 45000 liters / hectare or 10 to 45 m³ / hectare

– Bug with Stara Estrela 32 fixed
– Display of the current application rate in the help window
– HUD removed

– Supports now Roller with Sprayerfunction, means, only if the capacity from the sprayer is bigger than 20 Liters, the script will be active.
– Supports now manurespreader which can also spread lime.
– Changed the calculation of the Workingwith, to support Kverneland Exacta, Ixter and Ixtrac correctly.
– Sprayrate can only be changed, if the vehicle is filled.
– Sprayrate of Fertilizer now shown in kg/Ha.
– Corrected formula for calculating the application rate
– Not compartible with Precision Farming, deactivate this mod, if you are using Precision Farming

– Fixed a bug where the function was deactivated on seed drills with fertilizer function but without their own fertilizer tank (e.g. Väderstad Seedhawk).

Credits:monteur1, test_dj_Tobe

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