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After a wild night with your associates, you awaken on the beach of a deserted Atlantic island located within visual sight of the Virgin Islands…

Exploring the island a bit reveals that it is deserted, with the remnants of a farm and some facilities down at the port, as well as a couple of bins and old buildings here and there… it is isolated here, you are stranded with no way off, however there are a few buildings at the old abandoned farm along with an old farm house with a few supplies… An automated grain barge comes to the port at times, always at night, to receive any grain you have to sell. Another similar barge shows up for sugarcane or rootcrops… There is a BGA facility that, although old and rusty, is still functional… you will receive money for the power it generates. There is an old stable building on the east shore and an old, retired animal dealer brings his old ferry there each night, in case you want to buy or sell any animals, after having set up your own animal pens, of course, although there is an abandoned barn where horses used to be kept on the north part of the island. There are a couple of old, abandoned cucumber greenhouses on the hill, if you add manure and water to them you can get a crop going again in them… you will earn some money daily as income.

It is hot here, and frequently rainy… all the former farmland is overgrown with grass and weeds, and you have nothing but the clothes on your back to work with. Depending on your game play mode, you will either be able to use some worn machinery and have ownership of a couple of land plots to get going, or, you will have nothing but money… you will have to work hard to survive here. The map includes a seasonsmask and a custom GEO to simulate the hot, rainy weather…

All of your farming supplies, such as fertilizer and seeds, must be bought at the port (no seed or fertilizer triggers at the farm) Fuel storage is available on the farm, use the universal pack fuel trailer to refill from the port. For those that prefer to fertilize using anhydrous ammonia, the fill/spray type is embedded in the map, as well as compost and pre-compost.

There are no animals here, although if you work hard you can have them… most everything about this island will be a challenge… do you have what it takes to meet it?

• In “New Farmer” mode you start with some worn equipment, including a large sugarcane harvester, and some land with a nice stand of sugarcane growing on it… in the hard modes, you get nothing but some money… work wisely…

• Get water at the port water tower… Bulk lime from the brown, round overhead bin at the port… Fuel is available at the tank station on the port… For seeds, fertilizer and such, you will have to order pallets to be dropped at the port…

• The granary only comes to life at dusk, working through the night to conserve power, which power is provided only by the wind generator at the north end of the island and a few scattered solar panels around the island… there is only a narrow window of opportunity to sell your grain… The same applies to the rootsell facility at the opposite end of the port…

• The cement silo functions as a fermenting silo, using the great script by GtX… Ensure to have the included CementSilo mod in the folder and active when first starting your gameplay… the silo takes both grass and chaff and will slowly convert both to silage.

• The map has the filltypes precompost and compost built in, as well as the fill/spray type of anhydrous, so that those who build out their island empire can readily make use of them as needed… The tip to ground fix is included in the map for additional fruit and filltype mods.

• There is also a corn dryer function at the main farm silo… also using GtX’s great script… you can buy pallets of propane to fuel the dryer, then dump in your corn and it will dry it for you… sell at the granary sell at the port. If you do not want to mess with drying your corn, you may sell the regular corn directly at the port granary as usual.

• The map now includes evaporated milk production… as this is a deserted south Atlantic island, it would be impractical to have a functioning dairy IRL, so, we have an old, automated facility to produce boxed, crated, ready to ship pallets of evaporated milk which can be transported to a warehouse down at the port for sale (they then ship them to the mainland) You must provide diesel for the internal generator which powers the facility (it will not come on and run without it) then you can input up to 40000 L of your milk at one time to begin the production. The pallets will spawn automatically on the opposite side of the building. Standing in front of the old, beat up front door will pop up a status monitor to let you know what’s going on.

• The map also features custom crop, foliage and terrain textures and custom lighting (if running Seasons, however, Seasons will override the map lighting in favor of its own) Also, the map is Precision Farming compliant with a custom soilMap layer.

There are only 3 sellpoints to sell stuff:
• Granary – wheat / barley / canola / corn / dryCorn / sunflower / soybean / oat
• RootSell – sugarcane / sugarbeet / potato
• BGA – silage (recommend strongly to use the BGA Extension mod, as this simulates a real BGA and allows other products to be dumped into the system…

Cotton may be sold down at the port at any time… same with eggs, which can be sold at the little hut down from the old helicopter…

There are no wool, hay, straw, grass or bales sellpoints here on the island… after all, it is a deserted weather station in the Atlantic ocean, many miles from any civilization… However, there are many great placeables that will allow sellpoints to be added.

To use this map, unzip the SIF3_UNZIPME file and place all included files into your mod folder and remember to activate them for proper functioning of the map…


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