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Welcome to the Skrzyszów map! It is a small map reproduced from the Lesser Poland province. You will find an interesting atmosphere on it! The map has several scripts that will improve and diversify the gameplay.

Version 1.2:
- added support for MaizePlus and MaizePlus Forage extension
- the lighting system has been reworked
- 2 new farmlands have been added
- added some details
- optimization improved
- new crops have been added
- some minor visual fixes
- new scripts added
- added compatibility with Precision Farming
- new paint textures (all deco + 3 types of paving stones)

Here's what the map offers:
- 68 fields and many meadows
- 88 farmlands
- new lighting system
- MP support with multiple farms to start
- new crop and bale textures
- 5 farms (chickens, pigs, horses, cows, sheep)
- varied terrain
- many forests
- ambient sounds
- ready for MaizePlus and MaizePlus Forage Extension
- ready for HorseExtension
- ready for Season
- scripts (Better crop destruction, no sown fields when purchased, landscape painting names visible)
- ready for Precision Farming

I wish you a nice game!

New save game required.


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