FS19 - Scania 113H 4x2 Truck V2.0

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Ok, so there were some bugs  with the Scania that i missed like a complete noob lol. I fixed them and also added new stuff.

Here is what has been done:
Fixed blinkers
Fixed back axle
Removed unnecessary parts
Added configuration for bumper and roof lights
Added configuration for wind shield and roof rack
Color choose of the wind shield

Full UDIM textures.
Choose of cabin color
Choose of chassi color
Choose of rim color
Choose of hub color
2 engine configs (320 and 360 hp)
3 wheel sets
Grill signs config (TIR and Michelin)
Choose of sounds (old and new) both are custom
Animated doors
Animated windows
Animated cabin
Animated front panel
...and more

The model is converted from ETS2.
You need SimpleIC in order to get the animations to work.
The mod is not perfect, but i did my best.
No errors in the log.
Big thanks to the people that helped me with that mod!

Credits:-Model: figueroa
-Converting and ingaming: Crownzilla

Today Downloads: 2

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