FS19 - Savegame for Nordfriesische Marsch 4x - Mapversion 2.8 - FS17 Style V1.0

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Offer here my ready designed farm for the North Frisian Marsh 4-fold Mod Map v. 2.8 .
The farm, as well as all production sites was completely designed via the ingame terraforming tool, as well as the Map Object Hider.
The game state represents a restart with the difficulty level “New Farmer” (easy) on the above mentioned map.
This means that all standard vehicles, as well as the standard levels of the farm silo are present.
The lots on which the buildings stand are also already part of the yard.
Furthermore, as in LS17, ALL the green areas also belong to the farm, as well as fields 1, 2, and 20.
Liegt you for this a new savegame and copy the contents of the download into this folder!
So you don’t have to download too many mods to use this savegame, I used most of the FedMods.

In detail, these would be:
Map Object Hider
NFM o. Trenches 2.8
NFM productions v 3.1
Modular BGA System
FP FarmPack
Large vehicle bay
Leim truss machine shops
EasyShed Set
Placeable Trees

Credits:Idee / Konzept: XPiRiJenZ Tester: XPiRiJenZ Danke an alle Modder, deren Objekte hier zum Einsatz kommen!

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